Bachmann’s BS Owen DARIUS
Brown Swiss|19.01.2024

Bachmann’s BS Owen DARIUS

DARIUS has extremely balanced breeding values.

Owen x Dreamer x Assay x Glenn x Zoldo

The Owen-son comes from Bachmann’s Dreamer DARIANA VG-85 (udders 85) who proudly produced 9,950 kg milk in the first lactation. His grand-dam Bachmann’s BS Assay ALINA EX-93 (udders 93) also impresses in performance with average milk yield from four lactations of 12,439 kg milk. In the third and fourth generation we meet Glenn GLADINA and Zoldo ZILLI. They have both produced considerably more than 100,000 kg milk and are classified EX-95 with an udder score of 96. The strong conformation scores in DARIUS’ maternal line are reflected in his own breeding values. This is why with a total score of 126 and an udder score of 137 he is the current number 1 for conformation and udders. Overall, however, DARIUS impresses in general with his very balanced breeding values in all traits. In addition to his strong breeding values for conformation and his exceedingly balanced breeding values for production, DARIUS is also very interesting for his k-casein BB and fitness traits. He also has top scores for mastitis resistance, somatic cell score and daughter fertility!