Original Braunvieh sire ASTERIX with desired casein types
Original Braunvieh|16.02.2024

Original Braunvieh sire ASTERIX with desired casein types

The new Anakin-son

Dr. Angelo Pozzatti, Export Sales Manager


ASTERIX has further strengthened our offer for the Original Braunvieh breed. His sire, ANAKIN, is progeny tested and can be described as complete in all values. The family pedigree of ASTERIX is deep, solid and unbelievably strong for yield, conformation and longevity. His dam, Valido VIOLA EX-93, has already calved six times with a current lifetime yield of just over 43,700 kg milk with 4.31% fat and 3.52% protein. His great grand-dam Remigi LUZIA EX-94 also manifests a top lifetime yield of 72,499 kg milk with 4.10% fat and 3.48% protein.

ASTERIX has very good indexes for all production traits as well as for SCS, milking suitability and smooth calving. His conformation chart is perfect in all traits. ASTERIX delivers kappa-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2!

Dam of ASTERIX: Bucher’s Valido VIOLA EX-93.
Bild: KeLeKi