The new Original Braunvieh leader TIAGO
Original Braunvieh|19.01.2024

The new Original Braunvieh leader TIAGO

Bürgler’s Toronto TIAGO, an allrounder at the highest level!

With a total breeding value of 1,390, Toronto TIAGO is the highest sire in our offer. He sires very positively in all partial breeding values which is why he is described as an allrounder at the highest level. With good values for milk and very positive components of +0.39% fat and +0.28% protein as well as a positive beef value, he is ideal for dual-purpose use for milk and beef. In conformation he is very strong in rumps and udders.

Pairing of two interesting cow families

The best known bull-dam, Bürgler’s Lordan URMI EX-94 (udders 96), has, after Minor MORIN and Orkan OMAR, brought the new leader Toronto TIAGO into the test phase. Dam URMI is the direct daughter of Bürgler’s Karlo UNITA EX-93 (udders 96). In spring 2023 UNITA impressed with her breeding family of 91 points. In the same spring the paternal line of TIAGO also presented a high breeding family. The sire, AHof-ob Orkan TORONTO, can be traced back via Valido TIXI EX-90 (udders 91) to the successful show cow AHof-ob William POLDI EX-95 (udders 96). With her four female progeny she presented a breeding family of 82 points.

Desired casein types

As Original Braunvieh are best suited for cheese production, the desired casein types are highly noted by some breeders. Toronto TIAGO gives breeders the opportunity to use a sire who, in addition to very positive components, also has casein types BB and A2/A2 which generate them a significantly higher yield in their cheese-making operations.

Dam: Bürgler's Lordan URMI
E: Bürgler Alois, 9650 Nesslau
Bild: KeLeKi
Udders of dam: Bürgler's Lordan URMI
E: Bürgler Emil, Nasslau
Bild: KeLeKi