TRAILPOWER from famous divas 
Brown Swiss|16.02.2024

TRAILPOWER from famous divas 

The new Adee-son with the complete package from a super family.

Dr. Pozzatti Angelo, Export Sales Manager 

TRAILPOWER (ADEE x O MALLEY x PHIL) is a new and very interesting bull who is currently available with conventional and sexed doses. He offers the complete package from a super family, with very good genomic indexes for milk kg, conformation and fitness. 

His great grand-dam is the famous SARINA EX-95, who was crowned show champion various times, for example at the IGBS (Brown Swiss Breeders’ Association) Show. His dam, O Malley OSMEA VG-85, and his grand-dam Phil PAULA VG-86 have inherited many qualities from SARINA and were also present at the IGBS Show 2023. 

TRAILPOWER’s sire is ADEE, a conformation specialist from the last two years. TRAILPOWER is currently the second best bull for conformation and one of the best for rump, feet and legs. TRAILPOWER delivers kappa-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2!

Mutter: O Malley OSMEA, Grossmutter: Phil PAULA, Urgrossmutter: Salomon SARINA
7186 Segnas
Bild: Swissgenetics